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Jiřina Nepalová, Company CEO  

Jiřina Nepalová is one of the leading insurance experts in the Czech Republic. She has extensive experience in implementing insurance programs for companies in various industries and with claims settlement. She has participated in several training courses abroad and is a popular consultant for private and state organizations.

She has been working in the insurance industry since 1978, when she began working at Česká pojišťovna in the property and liability claims department. In 1993, she founded and still runs RENOMIA which, over the last few years, has been the largest insurance broker in the Czech Republic, along with its offices in other countries in Central Europe. In 2012, she also became Chairwoman of the Association of Insurance Brokers.


Mgr. Pavel Nepala, Managing Partner

Pavel Nepala studied economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. Since its inception, he has participated in the development of RENOMIA and in the development of services for clients. He has participated in many practical training seminars and internships at home and abroad relating to the insurance industry and the management of companies.

As a member of the company’s management, he is responsible for developing RENOMIA services in marketing, information technology and the strategic expansion of RENOMIA in Central and Eastern Europe. He actively participates in the development and strengthening of international relations.


Ing. Jiří Nepala, Managing Partner

Jiří Nepala is popular among professionals in the insurance industry, in which he has been operating since 1996. Thanks to his many years of practice, he is one of the few professionals in the market who has a detailed understanding of business insurance risks and personal insurance. He has been building and managing the company along with Jiřina Nepalová and his brother Pavel since its inception.

He studied economics in the School of Business Administration, at the University of Silesia. He has extensive experience with the insurance industry and business risks, implementation of employment programs for companies from different industries, and with claims handling. As a member of the company’s management, he coordinates the development of the claims settlement and risk management departments together with the Directors, as well as selected branches in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


Mgr. Ing. Michal Čajka, Managing Partner

Michal Čajka is one of the sought-after experts on large industrial risks insurance on the Czech and international insurance market. He has created many insurance programs for major companies from different fields. He has participated in various courses in insurance and risk management at home and abroad. His other specialisations include insurance of technical risks, facultative reinsurance and international programs.

While studying at the University of Economics in Prague and Charles University’s Faculty of Law, he gained experience at Jauch & Hubener, at that time Europe's largest insurance broker. He also completed a four-month internship in Vienna. After graduating from University in 1996, he joined RENOMIA where he has worked since 1997 as a Director of the Prague office and, since 2007, as Managing Partner.


Ing. Vilém Matyáš, Financial Director  

From 2000 to 2007 Vilém Matyáš worked at A & CE Audit and A & CE Consulting specialising in auditor and consulting activities as a tax consultant and senior consultant. Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he was appointed as Financial Director of RENOMIA in 2007.

He received a degree in Finance at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Mining, further to which he successfully qualified after passing the tax consultants examinations.


M. A. Klára Kodua, RENOMIA NETWORK Director, RENOMIA GROUP Business Director

After graduating from the Central European University in Budapest in 1997 Klára Kodua worked in the commercial banking sector. She has worked for RENOMIA since 2001. Until 2005, she was responsible for expanding the international department.

She took part in communication with partners from abroad, preparation of supporting documents and security for large clients.  From 2005, in the position of Business Director, she was responsible for winning new clients and for the methodological support of this department.  Since 2008 Klára has held the position of Director of the RENOMIA NETWORK. As well as holding this position, she has also served as Business Director of the RENOMIA GROUP since the beginning of 2013, and in January 2014 she became a member of the Executive Board.

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Marek Kalbáč, International Department Director

Marek Kalbac has been engaged in the insurance business for 15 years. After graduating from the Prague University of Economics, Marek began working for Experting Insurance Brokers where he was responsible for arranging insurance programs for leading construction companies, insurance of aviation risks and for communication with international partners.


He joined RENOMIA as a Senior Account Manager in 2007 and has been responsible for the insurance programs of key energy clients, including international programs and insurance activities abroad. In July 2008, Marek was appointed as head of the International Department coordinating incoming and outgoing activities of RENOMIA clients. The department currently handles the international programs of more than 300 companies.


Marek Kalbac is also responsible for developing relationships with international partners and communicates with RENOMIA branches abroad.



Branch Directors Click to show content

Martin Michal, Country Manager of RENOMIA, s.r.o.

Martin Michal studied at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, majoring in Business Management. In 1998, he began working for the Slovak Insurance Company, latterly the Allianz-Slovak Insurance Company, where he was responsible for the settlement of insurance claims.


In 2001, Martin started to work for RENOMIA, becoming director of the Bratislava branch in 2004. Martin currently holds the position of Country Manager.


Martin’s professional expertise focuses primarily on insuring large industrial risks. Martin has placed, or helped to place, insurance programs for many prominent companies, such as those within the engineering, electro technology, agriculture and transportation industries. He was also part of a team that prepared insurance programs for aviation clients.


Additionally, Martin is also involved in arranging international insurance programs, technical risks and the settlement of claims.



Monika Minkova, Director of Sofia Branch

Monika Minkova studied at the Technical University in Sofia and Rochester Institute of Technology in Prague, majoring in Business Administration. In the year 1993 she began working for American International Group Inc., Czech Republic, where she was a senior underwriter “Financial Lines”. Consequentially she held the position of director of “Financial Lines Insurance & Branches” in American International Group Inc. Bulgaria, executive director and charwoman of the BD of Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency and managing owner of local insurance broker Risk Consult Ltd.


In 2007, she became a Country manager of RENOMIA’s branch in Bulgaria.


Since November 2010 Monika is a Deputy Chairwoman of the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BAIB) a member of BIPAR.


Her professional expertise focuses primarily on insuring large industrial risk. She participated in the realization or helped realize insurance programs for many prominent companies, for example, in the energy sector, paper industry and transportation industries and the like. Among her other responsibilities for the company are the arranging of international insurance programs, technical risks, financial lines, supervision of the process of settlement of insurance events, management of the local branch.



József Hegyi, Director of Budapest Branch

József Hegyi graduated from the College of International Management and Foreign Trade Budapest, in 2003 and achieved the BSc certificate of economics.


He spent his professional practice at OTP Garancia Insurance Company In the year 2002, he could get insight useful information about Treasury, Marketing and Sales fields.


Then he started career at OTP Garancia Insurance Company, Head Office, Bankinsurance Sales Department as an associate in 2003. From 2004 József Hegyi was working as a branch manager of OTP Garancia Buda Directorate, responsible for sales, recruitment and profit requirements. Main job was to procreate broker and dealer agreements.


From 2006 he was entitled to a regional director position of Budapest-North-Pest Composite County Directorate. After the fusion of Groupama and OTP Garancia in April 2009 his position was confirmed and complemented with the task of cooperation with key brokers.


József Hegyi joined RENOMIA Hungarian Branch in April 2010 as an account manager and was entitled to the country manager position from August 2011.

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