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The largest insurance broker RENOMIA continues to grow

RENOMIA GROUP, the largest group of insurance brokers on the market in the Czech Republic, closed out the 2013 fiscal year with a record amount of insurance premiums negotiated, reaching CZK 5.3 billion, an increase of 10%.


RENOMIA International Business Conference

RENOMIA organised an international business conference. Country managers, directors, traders and client administration employees all met together on 12 June 2014 at the Vista Wellness Hotel in Dolní Morava.


RENOMIA Wins Insurance Broker of the Year 2013 Award

At the awards ceremony of the Insurance Broker of the Year competition, RENOMIA was selected by the professional public as the best insurance broker, taking first place as the Insurance Broker of the Year 2013! The award was accepted by the company's director, Jiřina Nepalová.


RENOMIA Receives Business Superbrands Award

RENOMIA, a. s., the biggest Czech insurance broker, reasserted its position as an exceptional and successful brand, taking the prestigious Business Superbrands Award.


RENOMIA at the Rockefeller Habits Workshop

For the second time, RENOMIA participated in the international Rockefeller Habits Workshop.

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