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RENOMIA Newly Focuses on Receivables and Guarantees Insurance

RENOMIA, a. s., the Czech leader in insurance brokerage, has strengthened its position in Receivables and Guarantees Insurance and set up a specialized Trade Credit Department of RENOMIA, headed by Ing. Hynek Rasocha.


The mediated premium of RENOMIA GROUP exceeded the level of 5 billion CZK

RENOMIA GROUP, the largest group of insurance brokers on the Czech market, has exceeded the level of 5 billion CZK of mediated premium in September of this year.


Jiřina Nepalová again amongst the most influential women in the Czech Republic

According to ranking by prestigious Forbes Magazine, Jiřina Nepalová is still one of the most influential women in the Czech Republic. She is Director and founder of RENOMIA, a. s., the largest Czech insurance broker, and is also President of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers.


New websites for RENOMIA Bulgaria and RENOMIA Hungary

RENOMIA launched new websites for www.renomia.bg and www.renomia.hu on Tuesday 3rd September.


RENOMIA already 20 years on the market

RENOMIA, a. s. , the largest Czech insurance broking company, celebrates its twentieth anniversary on Tuesday 13 August 2013. Since 1993, RENOMIA has been providing comprehensive services in the areas of risk management and insurance for companies and their employees. It has successfully developed its activities in the Czech Republic and in other Central and Eastern European countries. Thanks to its membership in several international networks, RENOMIA is able to provide services in 135 countries around the world, ranking it amongst the most successful of Czech companies.

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