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What they’re saying about us

We have been cooperating with RENOMIA for several years and we are convinced of their integrity, honesty, continuous commitment to protect our interests as a client. We believe that the best results in any business are based on a long-term partnership with good professionals. We hope that RENOMIA team will continue to support us with professional advice, and we rely on their proactive approach, deep knowledge of insurance products, specific to our industry, as well as selection of an appropriate insurance coverage at an excellent price.

Evgeni Raykov
Chief Executive Officer
Grafobal Bulgaria AD

České Radiokomunikace a.s. has worked with RENOMIA since 2011. RENOMIA comprehensively administers our insurance, including claims settlement.

We have always been satisfied with their proactive and professional approach to various aspects of our insurance. When putting together our insurance program, specialists from RENOMIA always mirrored the insurance strategy of our parent company, as well as the specifics of our field.

We very much value their professional background that guarantees us high quality services.

We firmly believe that our mutual cooperation will continue to be successful.

Ing. Martin Gebauer
České Radiokomunikace a.s.

I'd like to confirm that Veritas Dunakiliti Kft. is satisfied with the insurance broker services of RENOMIA, a. s., Hungarian Branch. Insurance related affairs are handled quickly and flexibly by RENOMIA employees, they always represent the interests of our company. Our company is well informed about the latest changes in the field of insurance and keep us up-to-date as far as our insurance-related questions are concerned.

We hope to continue cooperation with this dynamic team of experts!”

Laszlo Kiss
Sales Director
Veritas Dunakiliti Kft.

We have been cooperating with RENOMIA since the beginning of our activity in Bulgaria in 2007. Throughout these 6 years, we have managed to build a stable base of our business in international transport and freight forwarding services in Bulgaria. We appreciate the continuous professional support and reliability of services provided to us by RENOMIA team. We trust their recommendations for implementing strategy in our insurance program so that we always get the optimal price conditions and believe that our mutual collaboration will continue successfully in the upcoming years.

Pascal Derache
ACT Logistics AD

The cooperation between Family Frost Kft. and Renomia a.s. Hungarian Branch Office started in 2009. Since 2010 our cooperation became continues, reliable and led to close businness relationship between the two company. Our insurance related questions were answered with skills and expertise by the staff of Renomia. We are hoping for a successful continuation of our cooperation in the future.

Ákos Bánkuti
Technical Manager
Family Frost Kft.

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