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About the company

RENOMIA, a. s., is the largest Czech insurance broker. Since 1993, RENOMIA has provided comprehensive risk management services and insurance for companies and their employees. RENOMIA continues to successfully develop its activities in the Czech Republic and in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to its market leadership position and extensive professional experience, RENOMIA provides its clients with wholly above-standard insurance services, flexible claims settlement, and advantageous insurance premiums.

RENOMIA is a transparent and independent company that always looks out for the interests of its clients and acts in their favour. RENOMIA primarily focuses on industrial and business risk insurance and offers comprehensive services, including:

  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Preparation of insurance programs and selection of best insurance alternatives  
  • Insurance program administration
  • Claims services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Consulting services
  • Insurance training

The specialised RENOMIA BENEFIT department provides services to management and employees of corporate clients. One of the important segments is agricultural clients who are managed by the RENOMIA AGRO department. RENOMIA is also the founder and manager of a network of insurance brokers operating in the Czech Republic under the heading of RENOMIA NETWORK.

RENOMIA has an important advantage due to its unique international services and membership in many prestigious global networks of insurance brokers. RENOMIA provides its services to clients in more than 135 countries.

RENOMIA has a clearly defined mission, and goals and values by which it is governed, both when providing services to clients, and when working with employees. RENOMIA’s successful development is based on expert knowledge, diligence and creativity of a unique team who work in the Czech Republic and abroad. The professional growth of individual employees and their overall satisfaction are a top priority for RENOMIA.

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