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We help

RENOMIA is not only a leader in its field, but also a company that appreciates that not everyone has the same opportunities. RENOMIA therefore tries to contribute to developing projects that are beneficial to the general public. RENOMIA has long been devoted to philanthropy and social responsibility. The support is focused mainly on charity aid to the needy and on the development of education and research. In the same manner as the company, RENOMIA employees show their initiative in various projects through which they help via their own corporate volunteering.

RENOMIA supports charity projects

Cooperation with the Tereza Maxová Foundation is the main pillar of the charitable activities of RENOMIA. The Foundation universally helps abandoned children, and what RENOMIA values most in terms of working with the foundation are the directness, transparency and efficiency of projects. Long-term cooperation based on the principle of mutual trust includes a number of projects and events, both long term and one-time fundraising activities.

RENOMIA provided a financial donation to support the SOS Somalia project. This project, from the humanitarian organisation People in Need, is targeted to help people in Africa who currently suffer from widespread drought and famine.

RENOMIA supports education and research

RENOMIA supports teachers and students at the Charles University, who dedicate themselves to researching the economies of developing countries at the Institute of Economic Studies, in the Faculty of Social Sciences. A student competition was also held within this collaboration for the best work on this topic. The solution to the problem of poverty and system changes in developing countries has been a focus of RENOMIA’s cooperation with Charles University since 2011. The aim of this cooperation is to support teaching and research activities in economic development.

RENOMIA also supported an environmentally-focused research and education project of students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, who were able to develop a retro electric car.

For several years RENOMIA has devoted significant support to the Václav Hudeček Violin Academy project, which helps start the careers of young talented musicians.

RENOMIA employees, volunteers

RENOMIA employees are also actively involved in helping the needy. In the Northern Bohemia’s Hradek nad Nisou, they cleaned out and repaired a damaged kindergarten. At the end of each year they also fulfil the Christmas wishes of the children from the Pyšely orphanage by buying the presents that the children requested from Santa Claus, and by participating in their Christmas parties.

There is never enough help

Through individual donations, RENOMIA also helps the disabled, and has been a long supporter of sporting clubs, tournaments and international music festivals.

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