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We resolve insured losses quickly and efficiently

Services associated with resolving claims are an integral and important part of RENOMIA’s activities.

RENOMIA has a specialised claims settlement department. Our team of experts resolves thousands of cases each year, and we are always on your side. Thanks to our extensive experience and background, our specialists help resolve industrial accidents, complex liability cases and more standard types of losses.

If a loss occurs, you can rest assured that RENOMIA will actively take over all dealings with the insurance company. The losses will be resolved in your interest until the full settlement of all legitimate claims. Immediately after a loss is reported, RENOMIA employees will manage the entire claims handling process. They will coordinate the activities of insurers, experts and other parties until the comprehensive settlement of the case and the fulfilment of all obligations towards you.

Our individual approach ensures that we will negotiate a procedure for settling the claim according to your expectations and needs. The guide we use is a manual for the procedures involved in resolving the loss, and we will prepare this for you.

Through the contact.renomia extranet you can always track the progress of your claim and access detailed information about the status of the claim. Thanks to our simple online form, you can easily and quickly report new losses.

By working with RENOMIA’s claims department, you will receive:

  • Indemnification for the maximum possible amount
  • Fast resolution of losses
  • A personal approach
  • HOT LINE – telephone number for resolving losses
  • Our services are available 24/7
  • Precise and detailed filing of losses
  • Evaluation of loss history
  • Analysis of the causes of damage with the aim of optimising the insurance program
  • On-line access to information on settled losses
  • Methodology and training in the area of resolving losses

If you would you like more information, please contact:

Ing. Robert Krátký


+420 606 780 897

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